Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sex on a taxi bonnet

      In a warm summer evening, Vally called me and told me he would like to meet me later that evening, I agreed.
-I'm already hard by hearing your voice! he said. I took a shower and wore my jeans skirt with no panties. I sneaked  out without onning the light and I took the key with me so that I will not be locked outside. 
     He parked the car over the corner and I jumped in the car. He placed his hand on my hips and made his way to my pussy under my skirt, feeling my wetness. We decided to go to a deserted area outside the city. We entered a country road through the forest. He parked the car after a short while and offed all the lights.  He started kissing me in the darkness while seeking for my wet pussy. We decided to go outside. I leaned on the warm bonnet and he was standing in front of me, kissing me while squeezing my buttocks. He told to turn around and he lifted my skirt then unbuttoned his jeans and he started rubbing his dick between my cheeks, getting more and more hard. I brought out the condom i had in my pocket. I hardly opened it and I turned around and rolled it on his dick. Then he lay me on the car bonnet. I bend my knees and he rubbed his dick on my pussy lips, He started fucking me so hard and so deep that at first it was painful and I was pulling my body further away from him. I didn't want to open my eyes and remember that we are in a forest and it was dark, hoping that no lunatic is around, or any other monster from the forest. Sssssssst! No crazy thoughts now! Let's concentrate on the pleasure! And he came moaning of pleasure! Then we went inside the car looking for napkins. We smoked a cigarette on the way back home. 

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