Friday, January 4, 2013

Adventurous New Year's Eve

   The New Year's Eve was close. I was missing him so much, remembering all the time the great times we spend together. I was walking on the street so many times and i was smiling by my self, lost in my world. Obi was making me feel so happy all the time. I was addicted to the attention he was giving me. At any time he would call me i would go hypnotized in front of the computer and we were looking at each other for hours, without carrying about what time it is. We used to spend many hours talking on the phone and even more hours watching each other on cam . Sometimes he will fall asleep and i will continue keeping the camera on. He was the one waking me up in the morning and the one telling me good night, every night, for 4 months. He used to wake up by 5 am in Vienna so that he will call me and make me wae up by 6 my time. He will not allow me until i did not get off the bed. I miss heaving somebody to wake me up in the morning. He was the only one succeeding it. No matter how many alarm i put, no matter who is calling me to make me wake up, i can never make it to wake up in time now. I'm always late, unless i have something important to do like a plane to catch. 
   Obi posted a picture of himself on facebook and Alex recognized some of my things in the picture. At first i did not want to admit it but later i told him that we are together. They fight . After some hours i could hear from Obi. Both of them had different stories about what happened. 
   We knew that we cannot meet in Obi's house and most of the hotels were booked for that period of time or extremely costly. I told him that i better go to Vienna and see my man this time, because of my child. That day he got an apartment and i took a train to Vienna. There was no heat yet in all the rooms . I arrived there in the morning. We smoked in the living room and he told me how much he wants to have his dick in my pussy. I told him I am going to make a shower and that i will be waiting for him to join me. I went to shower where there was no light yet. He put the flashlight n his Nokia phone and placed it on the bathroom closet. I brought the Durex Play along with me and i used it to moisten his dick > He fucked me from behind while i was leaning against the sink with my elbows on the edge. It was great to feel his huge dick again inside of me. He was desiring me as much as i did and that was making both of us to feel intense pleasure. I was feeling that our connection was special, that we were meant for each other, then i remembered he was doing the same thing with another woman. That cut all the fun and i couldn't feel any pleasure, I couldn't cum again. 
    He later went out and I was boring of waiting for him so much then i opened his laptop and started chatting with my friend. Then i saw P.E. is online and i realized his skype was open, Then i started reading his conversations with her there. Later I decided to start chatting with her.
-Hi baby how are you ?I said. She replied then I asked her when do we meet again.I called her and i did not know she cannot see me because she was on mobile. I later told her is me talking from Obi's laptop and she said is not possible. She did not believe me that I am in Vienna with him. Obi soon called me and told me to stop chatting with P. E.
     Obi spend much more time outside that afternoon. He called me and told me he is coming soon. Then i received a message from P.E. where she told me she was with Obi. I was so angry with him. She said that she got my number from his phone while went to toilet to talk with me.. 

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