Monday, December 31, 2012

4 days of love

  I found a hotel near  his house so that he can easily come to me. I arrived to Viena in the evening and he was waiting for me at the bus stop. I was wearing my purple fur and i was freezing. He warmed my hands and then we smoked a cigar together. Then the driver came and we could get inside the bus where it was warm. We stopped at Westbanhof and from there we entered a bus. I was so stressed that Alex will see me that I forgot to take my bag. I went ahead and Obi took it for me We used tram to reach the hotel. I wore the white panties he asked me to wear for him. He removed my jeans and he fucked me hard and deep. The first time was painful. We had sex about 5 times that day. The room had mirrors both on the wall and  at the headboard and i could watch him get into me from different angles. It was so exciting. He went home and cooked and brought the food so that we can eat together. The food was tasty as he was a good cook. We ate together at the table. Then we smoked and then sat on the bed, hugged, with no worries.
     I was feeling guilty for the 1st time that i was cheating on Alex, maybe because this time i was so close to his house. He called me and I was trying to cut it short so that he will not finish my credit and then not be able to call me and start asking for my family where I am. Before, I was the one begging for him to talk with me on phone more and he was always in a hurry, cutting the phone long before 1 minute, trying to make me believe that he wanted to spare his cents, but that did not make any sense. Now he noticed the change in my behavior and the roles changed. I was trying to find an excuse to cut the phone and the more I was trying the more he wanted to lengthen the conversation. I told him "I love you, bye" while Obi was in the bed with me, thinking that he will understand that i had to say that so that Alex will not become suspicious. Obi did not say anything about that.
   The next morning  we took a shower together in the small cabin. Then we made love again. I was laying on the bed with my elbows on the framing of the bed. He started fucking he from behind and we were about the cum when the maid knocked and then open the door. He stopped and we did not know what to do. I did not want him to stop, I wanted him to keep moving and continue giving me pleasure so I said out loud:
-10 minuten bite! and she left and he continued fucking me and came so long, endless waves of cum filling my pussy. We went the the hotel's bar downstairs so that she can clean the room. We had a drimk and smoked then we went back to room and smoked ganja. He told me to use my fingers and caress his body that he feels great. I couldn't understand why I never felt anything when smoking ganja so I inhaled it deeper. He was hungry and we ate some wraps from McDonald's. I thought i was going to choke because although i was trying i couldn't chew the food and swallow.The music started sounding different and it was disturbing me. I covered my face with the blanked so that no one will see the dumb smile on my face that I couldn't stop. I was angry that I couldn't control my face muscles and make the ridiculous grin disappear.There, under the blanket I was trying to force my mouth to close or at least cover it.  Each sound was producing an annoying vibe in my body. I couldn't stand it so i asked him to turn it off. I felt like i was levitating above the bed or i am flying . All kind of thoughts were going through my mind with a tremendous speed. I couldn't sleep and i couldn't stop my mind from roaming into its darkest corners. I hated it and I wanted it to stop so I asked Obi to fuck me again but he was more carried away than me. He started ticking me and I hated him for doing it because I couldn't stop laughing. It was awful. Finally he decided to fuck me so that he will help me get rid of this terrible mood. I couldn't move at all and the sex did not help me this time. I continued flying over the bed with the speed of a ray of light, twisting and feeling light as a feather.I only remember Obi escorting me to the taxi that drove me to airport the next morning . In the flight i had the flashes of the same feelings i experienced the night before.  

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