Wednesday, December 26, 2012

27 Hours of Endless Pleasure

     Alja paid for Stefy 's ticket again. And I came to see only Obi this time. As she couldn't miss from work many days we had only 2 nights available to have fun. We were landing in Wien at 10:00 p.m. and we told Alja we will arrive by 11:00 so that he will not see me and tell Alex. When we reached the airport we asked the girl at the desk if she can give us seat at the from of the plane and we were pleasantly surprised to sit in the first lane. We landed 1 hour and 20 minutes later. I was afraid that Alja will come earlier and see me or that  he will come together with Alex. We were delighted when we saw the first 2 bags coming out on the conveyor being our own. We grabbed them and we went out from the airport. I went to the bus stop where i was waiting for the bus going to Westbanhof and hide after the advertising banner. I was checking from time to time if they arrived and I was so much afraid that they will decide to enter the same bus that was leaving in 30 minutes. I was so relieved when the bus started moving. Alex started calling and calling and i did not want to pick his calls because the roaming was going to finish my credit. He called until he finished my battery. Obi supposed to wait for me at Meiding but he wasn't there when I arrived and I couldn't reach him. I first went down to the train station hoping to get a place to charge my phone then I changed my mind and went up again. I walked on the sidewalk and then thought maybe Obi is late and I went back. Then I saw him running for a taxi. I shout on him :
- Where are you going? He did not answer and i fallowed him. He was carrying some bags. He was on the other side of the road he said, he claimed that he was calling my name from there but I did not hear anything and the road was deserted at that late hour. He put the things in the trunk. The counter was already showing 2.70 euro while waiting to come of the parking space. We drove to the hotel. I was happy to see him. 
    The receptionist showed us how to use the door key and we went up. It was room 224. We took the elevator and then we walked along hallways and we climbed some stairs and we walked along another hallway until we found our room. We went in and the light went on when I placed the key in its stand near the door. he put our jackets in the wardrobe and I sat in the bed  because I was tired. He came near me and he started removing his cloths and then helped me to undress. He was already hard when he joined me under the covers. He started pushing his hard dick into me advancing hardly because I was dry and tight, I was winding my body in the same rhythm with him and I was delighted by the pleasure I was seeing in his eyes. My body was numbed and it was at the 3rd round we had sex that I started to enjoy it for real. I was extremely aroused by the pleasure he was feeling and I was enjoying the look he had when he was cumming in me. 
    The room was no smoking and we went to the bathroom to smoke ganja. He gave me a pack of Virginia slims that he knew I like and I sat on the toilet and smoked with him. I also took a few puffs of ganja hoping that I will not feel pains when he will fuck me.
    We went back to bed and he started touching me with his skilled fingers, making me more and more wet. And he said is time for me to fuck him. And I climbed him and started winding my body slowly on top of him while he placed his hands on my hips to pull me towards him. I was the one controlling the movement for a while and I had orgasm after orgasm. His dick slipped out a few times and I had to place it back in and continue. When he got close to cum I felt him get even harder and it got painful. He started shaking his waist while pulling me into him deeper and deeper. And we came at the same time and I enjoyed watching his face burst with delight. Then I cleared the drops of sweat that flooded his face. We laid on the back exhausted and pleased. 
    I was laying next to him on the bed and he continued touching my clit while i was massaging him. Then we had sex again and we were moving on the  rhythm of the music that he was playing at the laptop. We fall asleep late and i woke up very early around 5 or 6. He asked me if i was afraid of him and that's why i wasn't sleeping. I said no. Then he started touching me and i needed to feel how hard he was that morning. We made love again and he filled me with his cum. We went to eat at the hotel. restaurant located in another's building's downstairs. We took the tokens we received from the receptionist. It was a buffet with everything you needed.  The waitress was smiling at Obi and he realized that he had my lipstick all over his mouth. I took a coffee and some bread with Nuttella and i brought 1 egg and milk for him. He didn't want to eat, he wanted to get a place where he could smoke weed. It was cold that morning When i finished my coffee he put the egg in my bag and we started walking around looking for a park or garden. We left holding each other and we went down the street looking for a private spot where we would not be noticed. I was afraid that Alex or one of his friends would be in one of the buses passing and they will see me. We couldn't find a proper place so we decided to come back to the hotel and smoke in the toilet as we did the other night. The hallways of the hotel were tricky and we always found it difficult to decide which way to go, but we always got to our destination no matter which way we fallowed. I sat on the toilet while he stood near me and we smoked together. I was afraid to smoke too much because i did not know how i will react. Then we went back to bed and made love. 
      He got hungry after smoking and he brought out the egg that he kept in my bag so that he can eat it. He broke it and the egg while and yolk fell on the floor. We did not know that they weren't boiled. I couldn't stop laughing. Fortunately it did not break in my bag. 
      He was turning me on so easily. His tremendous desire to have me was enough for me to get horny, and then his  fingers that knew how to touch me like an expert, and then the extreme pleasure of feeling him soo deep in me, sooo hard, filling me so perfectly. I felt so replenished with him and each time was better. With him i could scream out loud of pleasure, I felt so free to do anything just to pleasure each other. He asked me to ride him again and I did. One of my foot was falling between the 2 mattresses. But this did not stop us. We then went to the couch where I started by riding him facing him but I couldn't stand it so I first turned backwards but it couldn't work either. Then he stood up and i put my knees on the couch and bend over it while he gave it to me from behind. I was trying to make him not to penetrate me soo deep by bending more and more between the couch and the wall. He came inside of me and I was stuck in the corner with my ass up unable to stand. I asked him to help me and he dragged me out. I laid on the back and he fucked me again while standing and I was staying on my left side with my knees  bend. I was also shaking my body at  the same time toward him and twisting my waist in circles. The pleasure was so intense and I was enjoying to watch him how he was looking at his dick going in and out of me. I was so wet that he was sleeping out each time the pleasure was getting intense. We smoked again, drank Cola and we went back to bed. This time I was lying on my back while he knelt. He started fucking me and got soo deep in me that I felt innards twisting. I felt extreme pleasure and the weirdest feeling ever. I wanted to stop him but he said I should allow him. He continued getting deeper and deeper in me. I changed the position of my legs to that he will not be able to reach me so deep anymore. I told him i was feeling weird. And we continued like that and i was winding my waist, pushing my body into his while he was giving it to me harder. It was like we were dancing a perfect dance on a perfect music. We were perceiving each other's next movements and we were offering each other exactly what we needed without even asking for it. 
     I filled the bath with water and added foam. I asked him to join me into the warm water.  We washed each other and I asked him if he wants to try anal sex with me. He disagreed arguing that I will feel too much pain and he doesn't want to hurt me. I wished at least he would have tried it with his fingers but I did not tell him. 
      Later I was watching a film in the bed laying on my belly. He was falling asleep and I waked him because I did not want to stay awake alone. He started touching my ass through the  jeans skirt i was wearing . He was kneading my buttocks with his hands until he got hard again and then he started fucking me from behind. I removed the laptop from the bed.  I was holding the sheets tight and berried my head into the pillow while all my muscles were straining, getting ready for another orgasm. 
     We went downstairs at the restaurant across the street to eat because we were hungry. I took a mixed grill  and Obi ate with me. He took a shaworma at home to eat later. 
      when we came back from the bar downstairs we stopped at the receptionist and asked her if we can return the tokens she gave us for the restaurant because i was leaving very early in the morning and we did not need them We went up to the room to bring the tokens. We left the things we bout and we came back to the reception with the elevator. I was wondering when they moved that plant near the mirror opposite the elevator door because i did not see it there when we went up. When we arrived downstaires we realised that we did not take the tokens from the room so we went back up. This time we took it and she gave us back the 9 euro that we used to buy chocolate at the jukebox. Then we went back to room on the same tangled way. 

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