Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Obi 5- sex in the park

    The next morning I went with Alex to the doctor's office for his eyes checkout. I took my book with me and red it in the subway. We smoked a cigarette together after we finished. I bought some delicious wild berries from a shop near the U-bahn station. When we stopped in Reumanplaz I entered a H&M shop and bought a pair of jeans and a pullover for my daughter and Alex paid about 40 euros. 
      When we got home that evening Obi succeeded to transmit me to meet him at one park a bit far from the house. He came and we sat down on a stone fence. There were many teenagers around so we looked for a more secluded place. We found a bench in the garden and we sat on it. We started kissing and he he put his hands between my legs., feeling my wetness. We were too close to the fence and people were passing by too much. We moved to another bench. He opened his jeans and brought his dick out. He asked me to suck him. I started touching the head with the tip of my tongue. He begged me to continue and i grabbed it into my mouth, sucking it with greed. He placed his hand on my head moaning and telling me how good i am. I stood up and lift my skirt then sat on his lap facing him. I lead his hard dick into my wet pussy and  we started moving toward each other at the same moment. The overwhelming feeling of pleasure made both of us stop for an instant then we continued. His dick slipped out and as my feet were hanging, i couldn't move much so I decided to turn over. I started  winding my body up and down. His dick was made for my pussy and the pleasure was immense. On the alley separating the 2 gardens, a woman passed. She was walking her dog while speaking on phone. We stopped moving when we noticed her and I told him to use his hands to cover my thighs. We realized the in the next garden there was a group of people when we herd them making noise. We looked around to see if there is any darker place where we will not be seen. We found a good place near a bush......where I started sucking his dick to make him hard again. Then he fucked me standing while i bend over and hold myself over some branches. I was feeling so good. As he did not use any protection, I told him to be careful not to cum in me. But he did not listen and I was angry with be because of that. I was the first time in my life when I left the exact moment when he came, maybe because I was so tense, I filled the head of his dick pulsing into me while releasing the waves of sperm into me. I did not realize how late it was and Alex was sending me message after message to come back home. Time was flying so fast and hours seemed minutes to us. We had to leave.
     As I was walking on the sidewalk, I felt the sperm leaking out and i took  a napkin and lift my skirt and cleaned hoping that no one will see me. I went straight to toilet when I reached home to clean myself one more time then a took a shower. It was my last night there and my flight was early in the morning. Alex spend a few hours to post some pictures of facebook because he did not agree for me to help me. Later he wake me from sleeping to tell me to remove my pants. He started fucking me once they were off and cum in a few minutes. Then he jumped from the bed to clean himself and gave me some tissue to do the same.
   Early in the morning we were waiting for the bus when he told me that he fallowed me to the park and saw me fucking with  Obi. I denied everything knowing that it wasn't possible. At Westbanhof we found a taxi that was going to airport to pick somebody and he agreed to drive me with only 20 euros. 

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