Friday, December 21, 2012

Obi 4

    I was hoping he will not notice the smile on my face. He didn't. It was Alex's birthday that day but he decided he don't want to go anywhere to celebrate. I went to sleep in time that day . I  planed with Obi that we will meet again the next morning at the hotel room.
    I took with me the romance book i as reading and i waited  for Obi at the reception because he was the one holding the key. He did not know i went straight to the hotel so he came late. It was already 11 when we started up and we did not have much time. We supposed to leave the room in 1 hour so I undressed and we jumped into the bed. He started fucking me shortly  and it was painful because I  did not have time to get wet. He was fucking me and getting his tongue into between my lips  at the same time.  I was keeping my eyes closed most of the time. I told him we should try to find a position in which i will  not feel the pain anymore  .So I told him to lay back on the pillow and i lay on the width of  the bed . He was sitting on his right side and i helping him get his dick in me. In this position i could control the movement. I kept on looking for a good positioning until i end up heaving my head handing against the floor. I was aroused and i needed an orgasm fast so i started massaging my clit while he was shaking his waist slowly. I could see in his eyes the tremendous pleasure he was feeling and at a moment in time i saw a sparkling of malicious satisfaction that scared me . He noticed me and his look changed. The pleasure he was giving me overwhelmed me made me to stop touching myself because it was no longer necessary. I stopped moving my waist when i came. He did not come but we couldn't continue because we had to leave the room. We left on different ways. 
     Alex was making shower when i came back so I asked him if i can join him. Surprisingly he accepted so i placed a chair in front of the  entrance as i usually did so that other people will know that i am inside and not come in. I removed my cloths and entered the cabin. He took a sponge and put foam all over my body then used his hands to clean the foam. I was surprised again not to see any reaction of kindling on his body while i was still horny. So I soon went out, took a towel and put my cloths back on. He soon went out.

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