Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fighting with my mind

    I think I am in love with a fantasy of mine. Because I don't know anything about yo . About how you really are . I told you you are sweet and you didn't like that. .. I think u wanted to look rough but it couldn't work because you really are sweet. All my thoughts about you are based on how I interpreted what you said and done. But nothing is real, because you don't get to know somebody after 2-3 hours we spend in bed. It was good. You were revolted that I came with my friend to meet you. But when I got into your bed you started trembling ... was it because of the emotion you felt or because of the excitement? You undressed me and you kissed my breasts ... I felt so relaxed ... so free with you. You were so emotional that you were finding it difficult to get hard ... You touched me with your fingers ... you kissed me and finally you gave up. You sat up and you told me to help you get hard ... so I did ....
I'll tell you more later

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