Thursday, December 20, 2012

Obi - part 3

    It was a warm summer day, in August and we were at Kelbeck Hotel in Wien. We continued making love that afternoon. We kept on changing position because I was feeling uncomfortable because of his size. He was sweating so he had to open the large windows. We could hear the people that were heaving lunch at the hotel's terrace downstairs. It was the same hotel where Alex took me the morning I came to visit him 1 month before  because  his black girlfriend that he was cheating on me with was in his house.
   He took my hand and he dragged me on top of him to ride him then we changed position again and he was giving it to me from behind. While trying to get a better position I was getting lower and lower until I had my hands on the floor. Alex send me an sms to ask me where I am and I replied that I went for a walk. Then Obi received a call from Alex and Obi lied that he is in a far place. 
   I opened the box of Love Plus condoms I bought from my city and Obi started kissing and touching me again. I lost the condom and I started looking for it in the bed. I was siting with my ass up while I was looking from it and Obi started touching my clit with his fingers from behind. He went to bathroom and he came back with a towel in his hand and he used it to clean my pussy. And I asked him if I was too wet and he said yes. And then I sat down and leaned against the wall while he came closer to me and he continued touching me. He was so good with his fingers ... making me feel great. And I reached his dick with my hand, feeling it getting harder and harder. I put the condom again.  He started sexing me again, I was screaming of pleasure and he finished while being on top of me and I was staying on my back. Sweat was dripping from his face on my face because of the effort. 

  I did not even noticed when he removes the condom again. The 3rd and the 4th  the time I completely forgot about them. While I was going to shower to wash myself he asked me if I want more sex and I said :
  Then I received another sms form Alex and I knew I had to go back home so that he will not become suspicious. I dressed up and I went the mirror to arrange my ravished hair. I got all wet by the torrential rain got me  all wet as i went home. Alex asked me where I went and I said I wanted to walk around. Obi remained in the hotel room and fall asleep there.

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