Monday, December 17, 2012


     O.k. now let me tell you about David. I met him online ... he wanted to meet me for real but at that time i wasn't interested of meeting him. So i added him on my yahoo messenger that i don't usually go online with and from time to time I used to chat with him ... like once in 2-3 weeks. I told him that I might go to Bucharest one day and I might make him a visit. I was trying to be a good and cautious girl and I decided to meet him for the first time in public so that i will not end up meeting  serial killer or a psycho. So I invited him for a coffee but he didn't agree, he wanted to meet me straight to his place, which wasn't convenient 4 me. Our meeting was delayed by the busy woman from the embassy (which is another funny story .. i will tell you about her later ). He was waiting for me and I finally  was able to see him later than I announced him.  I guess he thought I was joking about meeting him. So he wasn't answering my calls again and my messages. Finally he agreed to meet me. 

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