Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obi - part 2- " me , 2 man and a long week-end of pleasure "

 . As i came back Alex asked me if i got his last message and why i came back so late . I told him that my phone went off because of teh battery that finished to he took it and  he put it to charge As the phone started charging he turned it on and i remembered the sms from Obi . I grab the phone fast from his hand and as i herd  it ring that i have a new message and deleted it immediately . He thought it was the last sms he send to me while the phone is of and i  was relieved when he started ceking my phone   What i did not know at that time is that i missed to delete a missed call  notification sms from Obi that he did not revealed that he saw it  .
   I was aroused by the inciting encounter  with Obi . So as i was sitting on the couch and he was sitting on a chair i started exploring his body with my leg , placing it between his legs . He got hard and he couldnt resist me so he told me to take off my cloths . He came on top of me and  put his hard dick in me .We had sex on the couch and he cum in a few minutes . I went to make a shower and the slept off .
   The next morning we had sex 2 times ,I went to bathroom and inserted a Chinese contraceptive thin paper leaf , hoping that it will take effect although i knew i can never  have a 30 minutes prelude with Alex    I tried to ride him but he made me feel weird so we changed and he gave it to me from behind while i was leaning against the arm of the chair . I was moaning and it felt really good this time  but i wanted more because i wasn't satisfied and i knew he will not give me more . I was wondering if the guys in the other rooms have herd me .
   Later when Alex took a shower and went out i went to Obi's room and after i had a joint with him and his roommate we agreed to meet outside . He came to bring the internet usb that the borrowed from Alex so that i will see that he dressed up and heh is ready to go out . And i met him noto far from the house in a small part . I licked the way he was walking .
-Where do you want us to go ? Obi asked.
-Hotel !i said .
-You know any?
-Ok then , just start going and i will fallow you from behind .
   And i got to the hotel so  he fallowed me shortly . We asked for a room and as all the other  rooms were taken they gave us a single room and the price of 45 euro . I paid with the 50 euro  he gave me earlier in the park . We went to  our room . There was a big bed with immaculate white sheets . As we got to the room he started kiss me and hugging me . He started undressing me and kissing me all over my body . He removed all his cloths . I stood up from the bed and went to the shower to wash myself .He fallowed me and i admired his great body . He was so hot . We went back to bed and he continued kissing my breasts and belly going lower and lower until he reached the warmth of  my tights . I was laying on my back while he was playing with his tongue on my pussy lips giving me extraordinary sensations. Then he started touching my clit with the head of his dick while sitting on his knees . I told him he must wear a condom . He brought one from his pocket and put it on . Then he started fucking me wildly . I was moaning so loud . We changed position because i was uncomfortable with his big dick . I was laying on the bed facing down  with the pillow under my chest , screaming loud of extreme pleasure . His dick slipped out and he hardly found a way to put in back in and he soon came panting  .While still in me he said he has something to confess . I turn toward him and asked :
-What ? Everything u said about Sally was a lie ? I was thinking they planned together to ruin my relation with Alex.
-No he said . I removed the condom.
-Are you crazy ? You want me to get pregnant.
-And i run to the shower to wash myself .
     And i came back to bed and we continued .

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