Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obi part 1 - Getting nasty in the bus

     I was angry that he went out without me that day . So I accepted to go out for a walk with Obi . I wanted to find out more about the girl that Alex was cheating on me with . I was totally devastated when i find out that he was seeing another woman .Alex came back late that night and he found the door key on the outside .He told me not to go anywhere that evening and when  told him i went out with Obi and he became angry  and he pushed me out the door telling me go go and stay with  Obi. So I went and knocked at obi\s door .I was wearing a cotton short cotton nightie  He opened and i went inside and told him what happened . He went to my husband\s room and i went on the hallway and sit on a chair  He then came back  and we went together to Alex room . They fight calling Sally''s name . We finally went to sleep after settling things down  .
    Obi was trying to touch my ass while we were walking on the alley . He told me i shouldn't feel bad about that . I told him is unacceptable for him to do that . I later added hm on my messenger list hoping to get information Alex' relation with teh girl . Immediately i came back to my country he started sending me messages . He wanted me so much and i was always refusing him , saying that i can never cheat on my man with one of his friends . We were chatting every day ... until he convinced me to give him my number so we started to call me . We were talking for hours on the phone . 
 A month later Obi told me that Alex was drunk and already fall asleep that night when i was crying on the hallway that he had to wake him up . So he confessed to me that he wanted to take advantage o the situation and beg me to allow him to give me a fellatio. He did not dare and he went to his room and grabbed the baby oil and went to shower room , because his roommate was home , and masturbated while thinking about how he was touching my ass .
   We talked about secretly meeting and heaving sex . He offered to book a hotel room and he told me how we will make love . He he telling me how hard he is getting when he is thinking about me , talking about me , and how much we will enjoy together . I was tempted but I was refusing him because of the situation .
   And i found a way to visit him again shortly . It was Alex birthday and Alja paid for my flight ticket and Stefy\s own . I went to seaside that week with my relatives . Obi was calling me every day on my cosmote number . It was the only one he had because i refused to give him my voafone number . I finally told him that i will consider spending a few hours with him at a hotel as he wanted to give me a fellatio and make fell good . 
   In one of the days i was at the beach , i was walking with my cousin .We were walking on wet sand of the shore while the waves were washing our feet when my phone ring was vibrating .And my cousin told me that it was ringing so i replied that i dont want to pick because i dont want to drop it into the water .But at the same time and i took my hand into my  jeans skirt's pocket and tried to bring it out and i dropped it .And a wave came and covered it . My phone spoiled and i lost contact with obi  for a short time until i gave him my other number .
   Stefy couldnt come with me to viena anymore because her boss didnt aloww her when he find out who she is going to visit . so i had to go alone. before i left i told obi that i changed my mind and we cannot have sex as he was planning.Since i was  coming alone Alex decided not to wait for my at the airport .He told me this when i was waiting for boarding .And because i was early and boring and also angry that Alex refused pick me up  ,  i went online on messenger on my phone and i asked Obi if he can come and wait for me at the airport .He accepted . I spend 1 hour waiting for my laguage when i landed . Obi was outside waiting for me . He send me an sms and i replied that i am waiting for my bag .i deleted it along with his missed calls and other messages .It was night already when i came out the airport he was waiting for me at the bus stop .He was wearing dark green knee trousers and a tight skirt that was showing up his great athletic body . He hugged me and he wanted to kiss me but i leaned my head on his chest to avoid it .He asked me if i received his second sms and i said no , because we were in the airport and sometimes network are bad there . He paid for my tickets and we went to sit down at  the back of the bus . I was wearing a short jeans skirt with a purple shirt .My hair had been arranged in a mermaid tail style at a saloon and he told me i was looking gorgeous .The driver turned the lights of as the bus started moving .   I was sitting by the window and we started talking . Then he asked me if we can kiss now . I knew i had no escape this time . Then he kissed me on my neck as he was sitting in my left side and at that moment i had an incredible  feeling, that i never had before . I was overwhelmed by the new  emotion . Then he started kissing my lips and at the same time he slipped his hand  between my legs , using his fingers to  give my panties aside and he felt my wetness . I was surprised how wet i was getting . He put his hands again into my panties getting his fingers wet and then took them into his mouth because he wanted to feel my taste  thinking that maybe he will not have the chance of doing this another time . I was curious to feel his body and as i touched him i felt his hardness. He told me to stop and he wanted the bump in this trousers not to be so obvious when we get down . After 20 minutes we got down from the  buss and we entered tram 6 from Westbanhof .He bought me a Redbull while we were waiting for the tram  and we smoked a cigarette. Inside tram his bump was continuing to be was continuing to be obvious .A few minutes later  Alex send me an sms and i replied to him that i was waiting for tram 0 while Obi continued his way with tram 6 so that we will not be seen together . Then my phone went off because of the  earlier internet surfing that afternoon . And i arrived to Alex 's apartment. He was in his room with a friend  that left a few minutes later . 

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