Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A few hours with David

    And my lips were magic. You were becoming more and more harder . You begged me not to stop but you wasn't wearing a protection at the moment and I don't like to risk . I said I want to feel you in me. And you gave it to me hard and deep while I was laying on my back and you were sitting on your knees. I was shy to look at you as you opened the condom and you rolled it. You looked I me , maybe hoping I was watching. I think you were disappointed that I wasn't. I wish I was so I can have a better memory of the moment. But I was keeping my eyes closed most of the time. I felt your hardness pressing against my body and got sooo wet. It was soo good. I was getting more and more wet. I was happy that I had you. You are so hot and you look soo good. Why were you trembling when you were removing my cloths? You asked me if I want to take a shower. I didn't dare to tell you that I washed myself when I went to bathroom. I also didn't dare to tell you that I would loooove to make a shower with you. You came and you said enthusiastically " you make me finish ".Then you stood up and went to throw the condom and wash your hands in the bathroom. You came back to bed and we smoked a cigarette together and we discussed trivial things while i was resting my head on your chest and playing with your hair, caressing you. I was wondering if you want a second round. I was afraid you will not. And I did not know how to ask you. So I started touching your chest your arms, going down to your boxers. You were hard again and  you sat on your knees while I was laying on my belly . And you got so deep in me that it got painful so I had to turn to one side. I was moaning of pleasure and you asked me if I like it and I said yes but I feel pain too. I was feeling weird to lay naked so I asked you for something to cover my body. You brought me a towel. We smoked another cigarette and you said that you need to make a shower because you have to go to work. I did not know how to tell you that I would like to take a shower with you. You wore your boxers and realized they were upside down, so you took them off and put them on again. I lied to you that I don't know the road to the subway just so that I will spend a few more minutes with you. You agreed to drop me at the station and we walked fast. Elena was waiting for me inside. So I kissed you. You said that you will charge your phone and call me the next day. And we said goodbye.

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